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Discover the Math of Technology

The educational program Discover the Math of Technology is an innovative educational action aiming at discovering the basic mathematical and scientific concepts that are the structural fabric of technological achievements. Children are encouraged to realize that technological developments are inspired by observing the functions of the natural world around them.

Using a specially designed simple building system, they build mechanical systems, architectural constructions and electrical circuits, and explore how they are constructed and operated. They discover that Mathematics is the necessary language and infrastructure to formulate the corresponding laws of Mechanics, Acoustics, Electricity, and Science in general.

At each step, mathematics is used as the necessary “tool” to formulate these laws – thus hindering the necessity of having the world of mathematical concepts – and the way in which the theoretical world of physics is assembled.

Finally they craft their constructions, thus introducing their personal-subjective element: how, in other words, their aesthetic perception, would have their mechanical construction decorated.

Children through the successive steps required to complete their construction experience the joy of creation and the necessity of each next step, which they should reasonably support.

Program Info

  • Age: 7-11 years old
  • Number of Lessons: 28 Lessons
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of Students: 16 Students
Scientific Directors: Aris Maurommatis, Apostolis Papanikolaou (Mathematicians, Researchers)

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