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Path to the World Robot Olympiad

STEM Education offers special student preparation programs for the World Robot Olympiad. The participants will be taught by experienced and accomplished trainers the philosophy of the competition process, problem solving, achieving top performance and will thus significantly increase their chances of success.

Educational robotics competitions are science, technology and education events organized by WROHellas every year. The level of the participating teams is very high and winning requires ambition, skill and good preparation!

The learning process introduces students to computational thinking and teaches how to proceed from conceiving a concept to creating the right algorithm and planning the construction. During the courses, methodologies will be developed for “decoding a challenge”, mapping a track, advanced construction techniques, and algorithm techniques always focused on “solving a particular problem”.

World Robot Olympiad WRO™

The path to the World Robot Olympiad WRO™  starts with a qualifying competition, through which every year those teams eligible to represent our country are selected. The WRO Educational Robotics Olympiad is organized by WRO Hellas since 2009 and follows the educational and competitive standards of the Robotics Olympiad. The subjects of the competition are translated and announced in Greece in February each year, while the finals of the National WRO Contest is held every July. The top teams qualify to participate in the World Robotics Olympiad, hosted each year by a different country.


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This program is also available in English.

Why participate in the World Robot Olympiad?

  • Students learn to work together, familiarize themselves with the problem solving process, and create fully functional robotic structures from scratch.
  • Students and teachers of the country develop their talent, imagination, technological and scientific skills, building and operating an integrated robotic construction based on a given theme combining science, technology and entrepreneurship.
  • students earning the first, second or third place in a Balkan or International Robotics Olympiad and graduating after 2015 from a General or Professional High School, as well as those who have reached the same level in the European Young Scientists Competition are now registered in excess of the number admitted to the University.

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