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Scratch for beginners!

With Scratch Jr we can design incredible characters and make them protagonists in our own, fantastic stories!

We can set up and change the scenery of our story!

2 modules of 12 courses!

Become an Engineer

The program Become an Engineer gives students the opportunity to transform into young scientists!

Attend program Become an Engineer for first grades Primary school students!

2 modules of 12 courses!

Scratch 3

The program Let’s Scratch! is designed to provide advance programming knowledge to students of the final grades of primary school, beyond Introduction to robotics.
Attend the Scratch 3.0 for 4th – 6th Grade students!

3 modules of 12 courses

Python coding

Participants will learn to program, using Python, the most modern programming language.

Attend  “Python Coding”  for 4th – 6th Grade students, 12 hours in total. Also appropriate for Lower High School Students.

2 modules of 12 courses

Turing Machine

Enhance the development of students’ algorithmic thinking with a fun process, where students learn through play.

Attend  “Turing Machines” for 4th – 6th Grade students, 12 hours in total.

2 modules of 12 courses

TRIK Studio-Virtual Programming EV3

TRIK Studio is aν environment that enables robot coding using simple visual diagrams or professional high-level programming languages ​​(JavaScript, Python, C #, Java / Kotlin). With TRIK Studio the coding becomes easy and exciting! Attend the “TRIK Studio” for students of 6th Grade Elementary School and 1st, 2nd, 3rd High School! 2 modules of 12 courses

Arduino from Scratch

With mBlock students understand how electronic automation works when integrated into the modern devices around us. Attent mBlock for students of 6th grade Elementary School, 1st, 2nd and 3rd High School! 2 modules of 12 courses

Introduction to Microbit -Scratch

The Introduction to Microbit -Scratch training program has designed for high school students, based on the STEM methodology.

Attend “Introduction to Microbit -Scratch” for students of 5th & 6th Grade -Elementary school and 1st , 2nd and 3rd Grade-High School!

2 modules of 12 courses



Computer Vision

The course is addressed to Junior High and High School  students who have successfully completed the “Python Coding” program.

Attend Computer Vision!

2 modules of 12 courses


Do you have the equipment? You can register now for STEM Education online programs!

WeDo 2.0 Robotics

The price includes the provision of the equipment kit for the duration of the 12 students of the program, for those children who do not have equipment. The kit will be returned after the end of the course.

Valid for a limited number of kits and in order of priority.

2 modules of 12 courses


SPIKE Prime aims to help the students develop skills on problem solving due a fun and imaginative ways process.

SPIKE Prime courses for students of 6th Elementary, 1st, 2nd and 3rd High School.

2 modules of 12 courses