WeDo- Microbit Scratch – New National Final 2021-2022


The WeDo – Microbit Scratch training program is designed to prepare students for the competition. It also provides information in order to raise the awareness of primary school students regarding educational robotics and automation.

Students will first get acquainted with the Scratch software program, will consolidate by having fun concepts of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics. The activities that they will complete will entertain them, will deepen them significantly and will show them skills capable that they must acquire in order to support their future course in the society of tomorrow. With Scratch students can discover and unfold all their talents such as animation, gaming etc

The program is also ideal for sensitizing students to participate in the annual Educational Robotics Competitions. By connecting students with real life they will realize that the whole world is surrounded by automation.

By participating in this educational program, students will become members of a very large community of students both from our country and from around the world. In terms of the experiential understanding of the concepts that make up STEM they have better knowledge having deepened and understood experientially in knowledge not provided by the curriculum In terms of skills they are equipped with what is required for successful continuation of their studies

This generation of students when well entered the world of real economy for 65% and now the work they will do has not yet been discovered.

Participation in the program requires prior proven experience in the program material.

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