Thales and the Bee


With the educational program “Thales and the Bee” the kindergarten children will get to know the world of Mathematics while playing with the Beebot. Through playful activities and rich educational material, young students will learn pre-mathematical concepts such as grouping based on specific criteria, patterns, classification, balance, equality, shapes and spatio-temporal concepts such as orientation, coordinates and measurement of length. Thales will introduce them to the numbers from 1 to 10, addition, subtraction, as well as concepts such as symmetry, area and volume. Students will acquire basic programming concepts through this amazing programmable game and will cultivate basic skills such as problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, observation.

Purpose of the program

Our main goal is for the children to get to know and love the world of mathematics through the game with the “smart” bee.

Program info

  • Age: Preschool children
  • Number of courses: 30 courses
  • Duration: 60′
  • Number of students: 16

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

  • Language: Development of oral speech, description of objects based on specific criteria, understanding of instructions and rules of games, explanation and analysis, acquaintance with letters.
  • Mathematics: Contact with pre-mathematical and spatio-temporal concepts, organization of knowledge about numbers, execution of simple mathematical operations, measurement with arbitrary or conventional units of measurement.
  • Anthropogenic Environment: Cultivation of skills such as self-esteem, collaboration, recognition of the relationship between science and everyday life, understanding the chronology of events, familiarity with basic research processes
  • Physical Environment: Recognition of the structure and properties of materials and the usefulness of certain tools and instruments for the collection of information, orientation in relation to fixed reference points, mapping of space and recording of movements and routes
  • Creation and expression:Observation and interpretation of the natural and man-made environment in many ways and using a variety of materials, design of lines and contours, synthesis of shapes and forms, development of positive attitudes for cooperation, mutual acceptance and support.
    Informatics: Familiarity with Beebot programming game, learning basic programming concepts, acquiring algorithmic thinking.
  • Informatics: Familiarity with Beebot programming game, learning basic programming concepts, acquiring algorithmic thinking.


Topic 1: Spatio-temporal concepts

Topic 2: Pre-mathematical concepts

Topic 3: Numbers 1-10

Topic 4: Addition and Subtraction

Topic 5: Area and volume

Topic 6: Stories from ancient times

Lesson tags: preschool-stem
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