My first Algorithm



Education offers preschool children the opportunity to create their first algorithms!

With this new program, we wish to set a strong foundation from an early age into understanding coding concepts through experiential activities that will give children the motivation to learn more and more.
Each lesson is a different story – a challenge that motivates children to solve a problem through the programming of a robot. The group of students creates its own unique story, which is then illustrated in the form of a track.

Will the firefighting vehicle – robot put out the fire and save the animals?
Which route should it follow to reach its destination in time?
Will it be able to solve mathematical puzzles?
Will it be able to collect the cubes of same color, find the right number and reach the result we are looking for?

These are issues to be resolved through programming. Children through their involvement in these scenarios and many more will develop problem-solving skills, logical thinking, basic programming skills, innovative thinking, collaborative spirit and motivation.

So let’s code!

Program info

  • Age: Preschool
  • Duration: 60
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