Educational Robotics (Nezha Robotics)


STEM Education has created a comprehensive skill-building program for upper elementary students to learn about STEM and Educational Robotics. During the course, students will use the Nezha educational kit, which includes a variety of building materials for building robotic models and is programmed with the Micro:bit microcontroller.

Project activities include building and programming fully autonomous robots and using specialized sensors. The children will carry out physical computing tasks. They will design and program robots that navigate autonomously in space or perform line-following, take measurements of physical quantities and display them comprehensibly in an appropriate graphical environment.

The innovative feature of the program links data analysis and mathematical thinking with science concepts, thus enriching the New Curriculum.

Starting with real-world challenges, children use combinations of sensors and motors to add intelligence to solving complex problems.


On completion of the program, students will have:

  1. built fully autonomous robotic devices,
  2. programmed their robots to interact with the physical environment using sensors,
  3. added intelligence in solving complex problems using mathematical/algorithmic thinking,
  4. carried out fun missions inspired by the real world.
Lesson tags: Engineering-Εργαστήρια Δεξιοτήτων, skill-labs