Building my world

Become a Young Scientist, create wonderful constructions and discover the world around you!

The purpose of this program is to let children explore and learn through creative activities from a very young age (4 years).

Young students will use the specially designed Gigo material which is developmentally suitable for children of this age, as it includes large pieces designed for their little hands, allowing them to develop their fine mobility.

By solving problems of their daily lives, our young scientists will construct, experiment, test and answer many questions. What makes a windmill spin? What is wind power? Why do objects fall down? How do cars move on an inclined plane? What is friction? Why do snowshoes slip in the snow? Through them, difficult concepts will “come to life” in front of their eyes. Through the game and the appropriate guidance of the teacher they will acquire the knowledge themselves in the most beautiful and creative way.

Each lesson is independent and the children deal with a separate construction. In this way, separate learning goals are set each time and the necessary time is given to solve specific problems with method and self-action. But in addition to cognitive goals, children acquire attitudes and skills necessary for their age.

Children act alone but also in groups. Self-action enables them to take initiatives, try, make mistakes and correct them by boosting their self-confidence. Working in groups allows them to cultivate a spirit of cooperation while interacting with their peers encourages them to express their thoughts by developing communication skills.

A program with many educational benefits for the child in the future, laying a solid foundation now!

Purpose of the program

The purpose of this program is to introduce children to difficult real-world concepts through play, creation, and collaboration.

Program info

  • Age: 4-5 years old children
  • Courses: 30
  • Duration: 45
  • Number of students: 16


Topic 1: Buildings

Topic 2: Living organisms

Topic 3: Games

Topic 4: Elements of nature

Topic 5: Little screenwriters!

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

  • Language: Development of oral speech, description of constructions
  • Mathematics: Symbolic representation, acquaintance with enumeration, correspondences
  • Anthropogenic environment: Development of cooperation, familiarity with blueprints, development of fine mobilityProblem Solving
  • Natural environment: Acquaintance with the concepts of movement, rotation, force and friction
  • Creation and Expression: Co-creation, development of positive attitudes for cooperation, mutual acceptance and support

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