Bee adventures


STEM Education created an innovative skill-building program with the programmable robot BeeBot in the context of the STEM-Educational Robotics module. Children will learn about Science hands-on through Educational Robotics and simple experiments in the activities designed for them.

BeeBot is a fun and effective tool for introducing programming to preschoolers. Children program their robots to perform specific paths. This way, they understand the concept of sequencing and develop algorithmic thinking. They strengthen their spatial skills with activities such as planning the shortest route or orienting themselves on a map. They also take measurements, make predictions, and solve problems, which helps them improve their critical thinking and basic mathematical skills.

At the same time, BeeBot, combined with thematic maps, provides a variety of teaching scenarios! Activities are related to Astronomy, Physics, Biology, and Earth Science. Children will carry them out by assuming the role of the young scientist! Because all activities are hands-on and based on the educational method of learning-by-doing, they will be actively involved. All of this is accomplished through collaboration, creativity, and innovation.


On completion of the program, students will have:

  1. become familiar with the use and programming of the BeeBot, 
  2. learned their first algorithmic/programming concepts (sequence, code),
  3. strengthened their geospatial awareness and orientation, skills related to mathematical thinking,
  4. come into contact through experience with concepts from the natural sciences and the world around us.
Lesson tags: Engineering-Εργαστήρια Δεξιοτήτων, skill-labs