Competitive Educational Robotics

Take part in our competition sections and become the next Olympians of educational robotics!


High School, Lyceum
Mechatronics or mechatronics is the study and construction of intelligent mechanical systems, mentions to the combination of the sciences of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics – Electrical Engineering and Informatics in the design and manufacture of products and processes.

From Electro to Transistor

High School
The building blocks of matter, the laws of nature, and the successive ideas of enlightened people over the centuries have created the digital world in which we live.

Competitive Educational Robotics

Primary School, High School, Lyceum
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High School
Nanotechnology program is a short-term laboratory where students will discover a new world, the nano-world.

Advanced Training Robotics (Mindstorms EV3)

High School, Lyceum
his program provides students with advanced knowledge, introducing them to the logic of solving a problem and the methodology to be followed to complete a demanding project. It promotes teamwork and puts children in the process of self-assessment and continuous improvement.

Microbit with MicroPython

High School
In this program students program with Python (MuEditor-MicroPython) real sensors via a microcontroller – pocket BBC micro:bit.

Detective C.S.I.

High School
In the Detective C.S.I. students will work like modern researchers in forensic laboratories and will learn the basic principles of forensic research based mainly on the sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They will be asked to investigate mystery cases using a combination of tools and techniques of criminology such as collection and analysis of fibers, hair, collection and identification of fingerprints, analysis of blood groups, etc. In the course of the research, the members of the team will have to work together perfectly to collect the data and analyze it, in order to be able to solve the mystery!

Physics for 1st grade High School

1st grade High School
This course through its activities brings students in contact with the most basic concepts of physics, teaches how to measure fundamental physical quantities and the scientific methodology of experimental research.

Physical or Physical Engineer?

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Primary School
The world around us and the observations, the microcosm that microscopes reveal to us, the distant world of stars that we study with telescopes, everything obeys rules. With this program study the laws of physics so that we can understand them.

STEAM World: Power-it

3rd-4th Grade Elementary School
TechCard has been created specifically for teaching Design Technology in Primary Schools and is also increasingly used to
investigate key elements of the Architecture, Science and Maths curriculums.