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Students get to know Chemistry in a unique way! One of the most direct methods that allows students to get acquainted with “Chemistry” is the MicroChemistry program. This practical method of dealing with science is part of an UNESCO initiative called the UNESCO Global Microscience Experiments Project, aiming to cover all science education from the basic to the most advanced level.

This approach offers new educational tools and contributes to the development of skills without the use of laboratories. Experimental techniques used on a small scale cover everything that is necessary, for example, by separating the elements of the mixtures, to measuring the reactions of the chemical elements. The “MicroChemistry” program is a direct and interactive educational process that enables students to come into contact with the world of chemistry through specially designed activities that come along with instructions describing all scientific experiments.

Program Info

  • Age: 12-15 years old
  • Number of Lessons: 16 Lessons
  • Duration: 90′
  • Number of Students: 16 Students

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